Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sew Grateful to be Sewing for Family and How-to-Books

I have sewn for my extended family over the years. Some of my sewing projects were requested. Others were received with bored looks (not all Christmas gifts go over well). But they have all been made with care and love. I'm sew grateful to share my sewing projects with them over the years.

But over the years I have been sewing for family less and less. I took the hint from those bored looks that the kids are growing up and that teenagers would rather shop at Stitches or Forever 21. That is why I'm so thrilled that my niece is allowing me the pleasure of making her grad dress.

Giorgio Armani Vestment {Source}
But I also have another request in que, a Vestment set. It is a pretty special request.

It doesn't come from a priest...yet. It comes from my thirteen-year-old (soon to be fourteen) nephew.

His plan is to become a priest when he is older. It has been a plan for some time now. He has a beautiful and thoughtful blog where he shares his passion.

His passion for God and the church has been around since he was a wee little boy. Ever since he started school, he was fascinated with the rituals and mysteries of the church. He is quite remarkable. And he has requested a Vestment set.


What do I know about Vestment sets, next to nothing.

I know that they are stunning pieces of clothing filled with symbolism and tradition. But I have never touched or closely inspected a Vestment set.

I'm sew grateful that I have a few years to research the rich history of this important garment before my nephew completes his studies as a seminarian.

Thankfully, there is a book that can help; Lynne Green and Sue Merriam authored a book on the very subject.


Happy Sew Grateful Week!

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