Saturday, 4 February 2012

In sewing news today...

Front (before the straps were added)  
I'm sew grateful that I finished the Simplicity 2398 muslin last night. 

My niece is coming over tomorrow to try it on. I hope she's impressed with the muslin. I can say that I am. 

The illustrations and photographs on the pattern envelope do not show the beauty of the ties. Well, either do my photos. 

I like how it is sewn as a strap around the neck and then flows in a single layer in the back. And the gathers in the front bodice, I like it more than I thought I would. It is very pretty.  

Back view
I will make some changes when I sew the dress. I would like to use an invisible zipper on this dress. The pattern instructions suggest a lap zipper. So I'll have to sew the bodice back to the skirt before attaching all the bodice pieces together like the pattern recommends. But I don't think it will be a big deal.  

I'm sew grateful that it is sewn because I don't think I'll be spending too much time around the sewing room this weekend. Well, except for checking out how it fits on my niece (hopefully there won't have to be any adjustments).

Right now I'm icing my back. The left side of my back is swollen and killing me right now. I was in a car accident this afternoon. I'm banged up on my back left side and my car is banged up on the front right side. I'm going to pop some tylenol and head to bed while my car recovers in the driveway.

Yup, I'm sew grateful I have the muslin done. (And that the other driver and I were able to drive away from the accident scene.) This might be a good weekend to catch up on some sewing related reading while I try the ice/heat therapy.

Happy Sewing.


Megan commented on the straps and I should apologize for the poor photos. My bad.

I got ahead of myself and snapped pictures prior to attaching the straps.

Here are photos that, hopefully, show the detail of the straps better than my words.  


  1. Oh, poor you! It's horrible to have a back in spasm. I hope you recover quickly and fully!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad to hear both you and the other driver are okay, if a bit banged up. Speedy healing!

    The muslin is looking gorgeous so far. I'm glad you don't have to worry about it for a few days while you rest up.

  3. That muslin looks great! I can't quite get my head around how the straps are supposed to attach... I feel like I'm missing something really obvious but I just can't work it out!
    I'm glad you are ok after your car accident, and it sounds like some time on the couch or in bed is in order!

    1. Megan, I didn't post the best pictures and it was before the straps were sewn in place. So it is all my fault for the confusing photos... I'll add one more that should illustrate it as it should be. Me too, I'm glad the other driver and I were able to drive away. It could have been worse. That said, I feel like it has been too much couch time for my liking and a lot of quality time with an ice pack. I would love to get back to my routine and back at the sewing table.


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