Sunday, 15 January 2012

In sewing news today...

I managed to re-thread the serger. Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to have one of those self-threading sergers?

Have you seen them?

~Sigh~ a girl could only dream. Until then, I was fiddling around with my sewing tweezers and managed to get it all threaded. That means it was time to get back to work.

Papa R now has a brand new pair of pants hemmed and ready to wear.

Mama R's pants are in the works. I have them put aside for later today.  I think these pants call for some hand-stitched work.

Next up will be the muslin for the grad dress. I won't have to wrestle with any serger threads while I cut out the muslin.

But over at someone recommended doing a muslin or two (!!!) to get the fit of the bodice right. I guess, I better get busy.

And I was thinking about trying out an old pattern. This one is Vogue 2453, and it has been in my pattern stash for over a decade, uncut.

I'll have to grade it up a size since a decade ago I was a smaller size. Despite that, I still want to give it a shot. I haven't found any reviews of the pattern, hopefully it will work out well.

The plan is to make Version A in the blue stretch knit. It is rated "easy" but I'm not so sure I'm buying that description after taking a peak at the instruction sheet for this self-line dress. We'll see. Regardless, I'm feeling up for the challenge.

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