Monday, 30 January 2012

In sewing news today...

Lovin' the long weekend so far. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. It is hard to believe that it is winter in Winnipeg, especially after that cold snap we just had. It felt like a Toronto winter. Love it!

I know I should have been doing something outdoorsy with this weather but instead I went to the movies.

I caught The Artist and the clothes were very inspiring. If you love vintage clothing, this is a must see film.

The costumes were absolutely stunning in this movie. Check out this interview with film's costume designer, Mark Bridges.

Some of the dresses were from the 1920s and most were copied.  

And the hats! The lovely hats!

It was a charming film with stunning clothes. Bridges is the star in this film.

Inspired to sew... 

I went to work on Mama R's new dress. Actually it was the bias tape for Mama R's new dress.

Things didn't start off too well when the iron decided to call it quits.  Luckily I wasn't pressing the right side of a main dress piece.

I can't believe how quickly the iron took to burning the iron cover.  It was crazy.

You can see in the photo that I didn't get very far along in my bias tape. It was pretty much immediately that the iron overheated.

That was scary. Luckily that was the worst of it. I quickly turn the iron off and unplugged it. Unbelievable really that the bias tape wasn't damaged.

It all worked out when a brand new iron appeared on the scene to save the day.


Sew with that situation all under control I was able get to work piecing the dress together.

First to mark and sew the darts.
And then sew the invisible zipper, shoulder seams, pockets, side seams, bias tape and sleeves.

All that is left to do is a final fitting for the hem- line.

Talking about hems to finish... 

That is what I have left to finish on my latest version of Vogue 2885. Well now that I have corrected that little facing issue.

Anyway, that all there is in sewing news today.

Happy sewing.

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