Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Things That Make You Go, "Hmmm?"

The current project on the sewing table is Vogue 9367, a new spring / fall coat.  

It's coming along nicely until I realized that the under and upper collar pieces call for interfacing.  

Yup, that right both the under and upper collar are calling for interfacing.  In all my years of sewing and I have a few under my belt, I never come across this recommendation.  Could it be a mistake?  The pattern calls for fusible interfacing.  I've decided to go with non-fusible horsehair interfacing that will require pad-stitches. It seem excessive to have two layers of interfacing even if I were using a lighter weight interfacing.  

And to be quite honest I don't quite see the benefit of having both sides of a collar interfaced.  I've even spend time that I should have dedicated to pad-stitching the undercollar to research and haven't come across any reference to doing it this method.  Have you come across any instructions like this?  Perhaps this is a long lost tailor technique that I'm not aware of?  All I know it that it's certainly a part of the instructions that has made me say, "Hmmm?"

Happy Sewing! 

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  1. Could this possibly be because the coat is illustrated worn with the collar turned up at the back? Having both layers interfaced would give that under layer more body and allow it to stand up well.


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