Thursday, 21 July 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Good morning lovely sewing people, 

So what is on your sewing table? 

After browsing the latest makes on Pattern Review, I got a kick was inspired to sew an OOP Issey Miyake pattern, Vogue 2427, that made it into my stash this year.  

Did you see Sarah's version over at Pattern Review? I actually gasped when I saw it, it is beautiful and I love that she did it in a stripe. My pattern sat in my stash because I feared that it would be too small as I purchased a size 12 and this pattern comes from the days when patterns came in single-sized envelopes.  

Sarah was gracious enough to respond to my question about how "loose-fitting" this pattern worked out to be in the end.  
Hi Graca.It is loose fitting in the sleeves and shoulders but fits at the waist and across the front.I think you could move the buttons over a bit and perhaps add some at the sides.Hope that helps and I look forward to your version!
With these words of encouragement, I opened this treasure and much to my delight I believe that a size 12 will work based on the amount of ease labelled at the bust and hip points. So last night, I pressed six metres of teal coloured pre-treated cotton sateen and carefully cut out the tissue pattern piece. The pattern pieces are large and it looks like I will have to cut some of these single layered pieces from floor level. My body might not be thrilled at the prospect of cutting from the floor but I'm pretty excited about this project. There are darts and tucks that remind me of the shaping of Donna Karan's Vogue 1263. I'm pretty excited about this challenge. It's been a while since I've been this excited about a sewing project. I hope to cut out my fabric later this afternoon.  

In other sewing news... Did you see the latest releases from Vogue and McCall's? There were a couple that I was interested in enough to click a little further but nothing that would make it to the shopping cart.  

McCall's 7435 is cute but really, I have enough patterns for loose-fitting tops. I don't need another one.  

And I do like the hooded jacket in McCall's 7441, but I don't think I need to draw attention to my booty. 

I'm finding more inspiration and desire to sew from my OOP patterns in my collection this fall. Gawd, I'm going to miss Issey Miyake, DKNY, and Donna Karan designs. What about you, did you find inspiration in the new fall release?  

Happy Sewing!   



  1. Maybe maybe the Yaya Han skirted bodysuit; we have vaguely similar body shapes, so if that seaming works for her bust, it might be a starting point for a way more conservative costume for me! :)
    But nothing really caught my eye in the 'normal' patterns. I picked up a few DKNY patterns before they got discontinued, so I think I'll focus on that, and perfecting some TNTs in shapes I like to wear.

  2. So glad to see that you are going to make this! Can't wait to see your version.


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