Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I Did It Again...

I said, "no," again. 

It happened when I was asked if I do alterations before more details appeared. The person with the question has three pair of pants they want to recreate.  

Which leads me to the question, when are alterations and recreating pants even in the same ball park? Pants are hard as many of us have blogged about our own fitting issues to recreate the ideal fit on a pair of pants, never mind the amount of work that goes into sewing pants. More work than just doing alterations. 

I was lucky to have stumbled upon OOP Vogue 1325 a few of years ago and it is the only style of pants that I have in my closet. I believe I've made a total of six versions of this pattern. Yes, I would like to try other styles and even make myself a pair of jeans but it is a lot of work to get the fit right and lately, my sewing mojo is not all that to be desired. If I were to torture myself with another pair of pants it would be fo moi. I'm selfish that way. Besides, I have a few pants patterns waiting for that day to appear.  

I did try my best to help. I offered names of people who are seeking sewing work and local businesses that are actually set up to do this type of work. But, that kind of help was not wanted. The person moved on to ask another person they know who sews. 

And this is why I strongly believe that Home Economics should be an integral part on ones education, it involves reading, mathematics, problem solving in order to create a garment. It could teach one to do things for themselves but to also teach them the value and skill involved. It is interesting that a few short months ago everyone was talking about buying from local businesses and artisans for their Christmas gifts but when it comes to everyday needs, these people are not sought out. It is sad really. Quite sad. It must be hard to have a sewing / tailoring business in this type of environment. 

Happy Sewing!   


  1. I could not agree with you more!

  2. Oh, I so agree that Home Ec should be taught. I loved my Home Economics classes. I learned to sew, budget, meal plan, set a table properly and cook basic foods. These things helped me become the person I am.

    God bless.


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