Friday, 25 March 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Have you seen the new McCall's patterns? And their new fancy website. I like it. I'm also trying to be good. I really shouldn't look at the website, so I won't be tempted. Like I'm tempted to order this pattern.   

McCall's 7384 The Archive Collection

I'm not picking it up because I have nowhere to wear a dress like this and I am still shocked by something I read over at laSewist's Wednesday's Words post,
Pattern companies don't sell patterns; they sell dreams.  75% of patterns purchased never even get opened by the person who purchased them.  Look in your own storage, and tell me I'm not wrong on this... right?" Mimi of Shop the Garment District
And I gulped as I thought about my own pattern collection. Did I fall into that statistic? I certainly do have a collection of patterns that have never been opened. I was relieved that it wasn't as high as 75% of my collection but still we're talking about half have not yet been opened.  

I am taking the pledge to stop buying patterns for the remainder of the year and make do with what I have in my pattern stash. Thankfully, this pledge comes after I picked up this latest Marcy Tilton pattern.  

Vogue 9193
I have some pink (I know, I claim not to like pink) velour ready to cut this top and pants pattern in. Don't worry, it won't be an outfit for the public sphere, I thought that it would make a comfortable lounge / sleepwear outfit. Back to the colour, I only picked up this fabric (many, many metres of it) because it was on sale for ninety-nine cents a metre. I couldn't go wrong at that price, even if it is pink. And it does work well for little baby girl onesies. I just want to try out this pattern and see how it fits before I cut into some black ponte knit sitting in my stash. But first, I should finish cutting out the new wrap dress pattern I found on etsy a few weeks ago.  

Well, that's all in sewing news today. How about you, are you tempted by any of the new summer patterns or are you trying to work through your own pattern collection?  

Happy Sewing!   


  1. Gulp... gulp again... I had never heard that before, that pattern companies sell dreams... but Mimi is absolutely right. This really hits home since I just a couple of weeks ago I weeded out a stupid number of patterns that had mostly never been opened. A waste of money, and feeling guilty when I looked at them. I made a solemn oath to myself that I would NOT be so wasteful in the future.

  2. Moderation in all things - even moderation. ;) I dunno, I still get hooked once and a while. I am learning what works and what my style is. I try not to sweat it. I really enjoy my patterns and my fabric.

  3. The majority of my patterns are secondhand from op shops and mostly are unused so I can imagine this is true. However patterns are so expensive and with a past limited budget the patterns I have bought are probably about 75% used. I have 16 unused new patterns but like you are pledging to use these ( and the unused pattern magazines ) this year before I buy more.

  4. I agree with the quote. I had rather spend $1.99 on a pattern on sale than that same money for junk food. It at least has the possibility of becoming a garment. If not, I sure enjoy the creative lift. Perhaps it could better be termed possibilities.


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