Monday, 2 November 2015

My Day of Marathon Sewing...

I might be finished almost finished sewing the costumes! I just have the eye and hook closure to hand-stitch in place. I can squeeze some hand-stitching into my lunch break. I feel like I lost my weekend to a marathon sewing blitz. And last night, I'm icing my sore shoulders after sewing all those rolled hems. I'm so happy (and can hardly believe) that I managed to get two cut and all sewing up.   

The big mug of coffee certainly helped. And the fact that I didn't leave the sewing room since the morning and neglected all housework. It was a day of caffeine infused marathon sewing and there is a mess to clean up when I get home. It is all good because it feels great to have this off the sewing table.

These make three angels costumes. The first one can be found here. And the bad news:

There were supposed to be four but with a wee bit of fabric remaining on the bolt and I wasn't able to squeak out four costumes. This is likely because the fabric wasn't wide enough to cut the sleeve on the grain line and I had to place the sleeve pattern (x 3) on the cross grain taking up more yardage. Would you believe that this simple costume takes over three metres of fabric? There is no yardage information on the pattern envelope, it is found on the instruction sheet in yard-measurement only. I may have mis-calculated when I purchased twelve metres of fabric as it is obvious that I do not have enough. I should note that if you're going to make view A/H note that the widest point of the sleeve measures 80 cm (31 1/2 inches). Oh well, mistakes happen. Today's task is to find a solution. Maybe a different fabric for the back?     

I haven't seen anymore of the fabric when I was last at Mitchell Fabrics. I'll have to wait and see what they want to do at work. Or maybe I could make the forth in another fabric?

Happy Sewing!

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