Friday, 13 March 2015

Does This Count as a Muslin?

I will admit, I haven't even finished tweaking my pattern. I can cross off "choosing your wrap-dress style" and "choosing your fabric" off the sew-along list but not the muslin.

I wonder if previously making this pattern counts as a muslin?

I tried it on back-to-front and know that I would like to lower the back neckline some. And I'm not all that keen on a centre skirt seam if I am going to wear the wrap dress front-to-back.

The biggest change that I need to do to the pattern is to remove the shoulder and waistline gathers on the front bodice piece. Oh and I would like to shorten the tie length. All from revisiting my first version. Yeah, I don't think I need to make a muslin [fingers crossed].

According to the schedule that McCall's Pattern Company has posted, it looks like I still have some time to work on the changes before we start sewing.  
  • February 16:  Announce Sew-along
  • February 23:  Choosing Your Wrap-dress style
  • March 3:  Choosing Your Fabric
  • March 9:  Making a Muslin
  • March 16:  Sewing and Working with Knits
  • March 23:  Sewing the Neckline Area
  • March 30:  Making the Sleeves / Hemming the Skirt / Finishing up
  • April 6:  The Big Reveal!  
Once I have these changes done to my pattern pieces, I'm going to cut out my fashion fabric and I should be ready to go with sewing this up next week.  

Happy Sewing!

1 comment:

  1. I would count the previous make as a muslin.

    Got the pattern yesterday and will be heading to the sewing room to find the right fabric in my stash to make it.

    God bless.


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