Monday, 3 November 2014

Plaid Midi-length Dress

Stash-busting 2014:  Comfy Plaid Dress Pajamas

Fabric:      4 metres of brushed cotton + 0.2 metres of navy cotton sateen

Interfacing:  0.20 fusible interfacing

Pattern:     McCall's 6600

Buttons:    7 black buttons

This pattern has been in my stash for roughly the same amount of time as the fabric--a couple of years now. I didn't purchase the two items with plans to make them together, it just came about when I saw Sara's version over on her blog, Mixed Emotions and started shopping for fabric in my stash. I like Sara's unbelted relax fit. And goodness knows that I love a plaid!  

McCall's 6600 is from their Fashion Star line which offers styling and design suggestions. I like the idea of a longer version and I also wanted to add side pockets. And inspired by Sara's dress, I wanted to go belt-less. I shortened the length on the sleeves, changed the width of the cuffs to make them wider and added eight inches to the length of the dress.

I goofed on the placement of the pockets. Placed at ten and a half inches below the side armhole they sit too low when I try it on belt-less style. If I wear a belt and bellow the top portion I can bring up the pockets to a wearable placement. The trouble with wearing a belt is that it looks awful from the back view. Something about a generous rear, plaids and that back pleat just makes my back end look extra wide.  

The plaid fabric holds a bit of nostalgic fondness as it is the same as a once loved dress from many decades ago. I fondly remember how comfortable and cozy the brushed cotton fabric felt every time I wore the dress. I couldn't resist it when I came across it at the store and I've been sitting on it ever since. Even though the fit wasn't perfect (Sara is right, it does run large), I still love the fabric. It is so cozy, I was thinking that this would make a perfect pair of pajamas!

If I knew from the start that I was making a pair of pajamas I wouldn't have taken the time to contrast the collar stand, the underside of the collar and the underside of the cuffs with navy sateen.  

The buttons have been in my stash for over a decade. I picked up a box of these when Eaton's was liquidating all their stock and store fixtures. I know they're fancier than my Canadian chic fabric but that's how I'm going to roll on this one.  

Yup, this will make a perfect pair of pajamas for the winter.

Happy Sewing!


  1. It looks super cozy for the winter ahead, and as always, nice attention to details with the contrast collar stand.

  2. Very nice. Should be the perfect dress for the winter. I understand perfectly the "generous rear, plaid and pleat" statement.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, I'll admit that I wore it as pyjamas last night. It is comfortable.

  3. This looks so comfortable! I'm not really a fan of blue but I really love it and can definitely envision oneself sitting nice and cozy by a fire with a book enjoying the softness of the fabric.Love it!

  4. Thanks, I just missing the fireplace but it is indeed comfortable and with chilly days ahead I just might finish reading The Pink Suit.


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