Monday, 23 June 2014

Another Baby Gift

Stash busting 2014:  Baby Onsie & Blanket

Fabric:     2 metres for both the blanket and onsie (1 metre for each)

Ribbon:   .5 metre

Snap:       1 medium sized snap

This is another version of McCall's 7367. I've lost track of how many versions of this onsie (view A) I have sewn for babies of friends and co-workers. This one is for a co-worker who is expecting later this summer. I had to finish it up for this week and give it to the expecting mama as our summer lay-off is fast approaching.  

I think this is an adorable pattern but I have to admit that I'm ready to sew something new when it comes to baby clothing. I still recommend this out-of-print pattern if you happen to come across it. I just want a change. But my co-worker mentioned that she didn't get one for her second child last year when I made one for someone else (for the life of me I can't think of what I gave her instead of a baby onsie). Sometimes when there is just too much on my plate, I will admit to hitting the stores for baby shower gifts. Sew, I just had to make another version of the McCall's pattern baby onsie. 

I sewed the onsie using a knit stitch which worked out perfectly until I had to sew the crotch area. There was quite a bit of bulk from the layers overlapping that caused some trouble. Even with the aid of the jean-a-ma-jig I had to abandon the knit stitch after a sewing machine needle broke. Afterwards everything worked out great when I switched to a normal straight stitch to sew through the bulk. It was just the crotch seam that presented the challenge. 

The blanket is a single layer with a serged and rolled hem. Not difficulties or challenges there.  

No idea if it is a baby boy or baby girl so I went with gender neutral colours. The cotton knit and white rib knit fabric used for the onsie I found at Marshall/Northwest Fabrics. I can't remember where I picked up the piece of flannel for the blanket but I do know that it has been in my stash for quite some time. It was about time that I stash-busted this piece of fabric. The white ribbon and snap came from my notions collection stash.

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I love this pattern, but that could be because I made it for each of my babies to wear home from the hospital when they were born. It really is cute!


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