Monday, 16 December 2013

Signing Off, Sort Of...

Not for good, just for a bit. And sort of...

Yes, it is that busy time of year when sewing machines are humming making Christmas gifts with care but that is not why I'll be signing off. I'll get to that in a bit. Confession time: I didn't even get any of the Christmas gifts I hoped to finish done. Heck I didn't even get them started.

There was the jacket that I wanted to make for Mama R, Vogue 8916. I didn't even get around to making the changes she wanted to the pattern. This is the one project that breaks my heart that I was unable to finish. This project will have to make it on the top of the list in the new year.  

Most of my sewing time this month was devoted to helping out with sewing Advent concert costumes. The kids who sang like angels looked adorable by-the-way.  

After the concert costumes were complete there was a whole lot of cleaning that was in need to be done. The sewing machines are cleaned and packed away, the basement dusted and vacuumed. 

There were other gifts that I had hoped to make. McCall's 5795 patterns lay unopened and did not materialize into velvet dresses that I hoped to make. Messenger bags, men's shirts, oh the plans I had. Maybe next year I will do a better job at planning for the holidays.  

But for now, I'm going to sign off for a bit. There are some pre-written posts that are scheduled to appear. If I don't comment to any of the upcoming posts don't worry I haven't passed out from excessive amounts of holiday cheer. I'll be getting some much needed rest and relaxation recovery exercises.  

I have a knee arthroscopy coming up in a couple of days and that is why I'll be signing off for a little while. 

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season. See you in a couple of weeks with some real sewing news (that is the plan!). Who knows, I might even tackle that mending pile while I'm laid up.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wish you a speedy recovery, and happy holidays, too! xxx

  2. All the best with the op ~ rest up and catch up when you are up to it! Don't worry about what wasn't finished, just concentrate on getting yourself back up and running ... J

  3. All the best for your upcoming surgery. I agree with Judith, don't worry about what didn't get done. Focus on the positive!

  4. Oh dear, not the greatest time of year to be laid up. Oh well, make the best of it and get your nearest and dearest to wait on you hand and foot and demand the most labour intensive meals, that they have to make for you because you are suffering. Oh yes and ask for your grapes to be peeled.

    Seriously, take care and get better soon and we will be here when you get back.

  5. Hope everything goes well with your surgery. Happy holidays!

  6. Good luck with the surgery. Wishing you a fast recovery. Take care of yourself and Happy holidays to you and your loved ones !

  7. Best wishes for an easy procedure and recovery. Sounds like it's time to enjoy the holidays and not be in charge of them.


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