Friday, 26 July 2013

There is a 70s Vibe Going on Right Now! (Vogue releases the new Fall Patterns)

Not only do I get a 70s vibe from the new Vogue fall patterns, but they are on sale right now at almost 1970s prices! My only question is where is the disco ball?  

Vogue 1366:  Orange and purple and gathered sleeves.  

Vogue 1367:  Gathered tops

Vogue 8934:  Okay, no 70s vibe here but this Marcy Tilton Coat made my heart skip a beat.
There is room for my hips!
It is the only pattern that I was tempted to purchase but it is no longer found on the website.
I should have bought first, blogged second.
Or maybe the sewing gods are telling me I don't need another pattern?  

Vogue 8935:  That neckline and collar, totally a 70s vibe.  

Vogue 8939:  I thought this jacket was cute but at my height I wouldn't be able to pull off this look.
I still think it is cute though.  

Vogue 1358:  Yup, more seventies vibe.  


  1. You know, you've cherrypicked the best ones in my view, but still- I don't see myself wearing most of them. Oh, well- I am a big Vogue collector!

    1. Me too, the only one that I can see myself making is the Marcy Tilton coat, but I would make it into a dress instead.


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