Friday, 19 July 2013

The Quest for a Great Fitting Pair of Pants: Chapter 6

Have you seen the latest issue of Vogue Patterns (The Ultimate Sewing Magazine)? The August / September 2013 issue is my favourite issue EVER. It is full of upcycling ideas and sustainable designs. I'm lovin' it!

Even the pants pattern, Vogue 1325, that I am currently working on is featured in "Making Do:  Transforming Midcentury Thrift into Modern Style" (70). They utilized the pants pattern to make the most adorable shorts from a recycled mens' tailored jacket. Très chic!

Talking about Vogue 1325. Oh my goodness! I love this pattern. It is coming together beautifully.

I just have to stop munching on the bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries that are sitting too close to the sewing machine because these pants seem to fit!

I've mentioned that I'm sewing these with my fingers crossed instead of sewing up a muslin first. Yes, I'm full of bad habits besides munching on chocolate while I sew.

The pants are being sewn up in a pre-treated navy 100% British wool fabric. I used the damp towel in the dryer method. I've had good results with this in the past. I shortened the length of the pants by 4" because lets face it, I'm no Vogue model. After making the New Marlene Dietrich-style pants, Burda 7122, I realized that I'm different sizes at different parts of the pants. I returned to the size 14 crotch length. The inner leg I went up a few sizes where the outer leg seam I stayed at a size 14. It seems to have worked.

This morning I was working on the front fly. The instructions are different than others that I have done in the past. There are no complaints, everything is working out fine.

I'm just taking a wee break from sewing and trying to find a good hiding place for these chocolates sew that I can make sure I fit into them finish these pants

Happy sewing!


  1. Loving the look of blue popping out in the pants - fingers crossed for the perfect fit as these will be stunning...j


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