Friday, 12 July 2013

In Sewing News Today...


I've written before that my wardrobe includes bondage gear, yup my oh-so-sexy knee braces. No not the other kind of bondage wear. Jeepers! The medically prescribed kind.

Actually, I haven't worn these for the past two weeks because it has been way too bloody hot (and humid). I've been fine for the most part because I'm off work and have been avoiding bending. Then for one foolish moment I did the unthinkable for someone who is suppose to wear knee braces.

I wore heels.

Go ahead, ask me what I was thinking. Actually, I wasn't. It must have been the heat that affected my lack of judgement.

Or maybe it was because I came across these lovely previously loved Anne Klein sandals that I thought I would try one more time.

They have a three inch heel. I didn't get very far before they starting hurting. My knees took a beating all in the name of fashion and this evening I'm paying for it.

And now I'm thinking about doing the unthinkable (again). No, I'm not going to wear them again. I'm going... to... cut them. I was having a difficult time with the realization that I really must get rid of them before I am seduced back into extreme foolishness and try to wear these three inch heels. And then it occurred to me that these leather straps might be re-fashioned into another project. Sew, that is why they are on my cutting table.  

In other sewing news...

I Need More Business Friendly Clothes!

I like my wardrobe but I have to admit that most of it doesn't fall into the category of business attire. This week I applied at a temporary agency to get me through the summer and I had a hard time dressing for the hot summer weather while looking professional. It was tough!

with this skirt
Wore this top
The first day that I stopped by the temp agency the temperature cooled down and I was able to wear pantyhose. (Important to go with the conservative looking shoes I had in mind.) I chose my black skirt and a black with while polka dot Liz Claiborne top.

And a pair of one inch heeled black shoes that would put a granny to sleep. It was perfect.

Until I was asked to come back the next morning. Darn, I had nothing to wear was my initial reaction. I opted for the green Rachel Comey skirt and the Angel shirt. Not as conservative as the first outfit but it was the most conservative thing that I could wear that was ironed and wouldn't cause me to melt in the heat and humidity.

I need more business-friendly clothes after working at a school for the past five years my wardrobe has become way too casual and fun. I certainly couldn't wear this Vogue shirt or this one. I really need to reassess my wardrobe choices that are hanging in the closet. I picked up a couple of Burda blouse patterns and some white cotton / polyester fabric so that I can add a classic white shirt. How do I not have one of those? Oh yeah, I thought they were boring. Well, no more. I need to balance out my wardrobe with some boring business-friendly items.

Right after I finish the project sitting on my cutting table...

Happy Sewing!


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  1. I feel your pain - I had to give up heels and gave away many of my fun and fashionable shoes some time ago. It's no fun wearing boring shoes or shoes that don't jive with our sense of fashion. For me I've discovered the brand Orthaheel allows me to walk in comfort like no other brand. Good luck with your interviews and rebuilding your work wardrobe!


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