Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 2: Me-Made-May

Can you believe that the city woke up to another dusting of the white stuff? Once the weather warms up, I won't be wearing this dress. It is made out of a heavier weight of cotton that I found in the home decor department. But for today it was perfect. It was so chilly I even kept my jacket on at work.

Here is what I wore on day two of

Dress:               Vintage Advance 8436. Fabric: 100% cotton fabric found in the home decor department.    

Jacket:             Donna Karan design, Vogue 1263. Fabric: Boiled wool.

Footwear:        Taupe environmentally friendly Groundhogs.

Eyewear:         DKNY

Accessories:   Knee braces, Ossur.
                       Toque, The Bay.
                       Red gloves, Costco.  

Undies:             Blue tights, bra, knickers, all RTW. Did I mention that this is a gap in my me-made wardrobe?

Nightshirt:        Simplicity 2289. Fleece and knit double-sided fabric.

Pajama Bottoms:  RTW, Lady Hathaway. 

Bathrobe:         Simplicity 7417.  Fabric: 100% cotton terry cloth. 

Progress on sewing the baby onsie: none. I've got a date with a heating pad and an early bedtime.

Happy Sewing!


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