Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 10: Me-Made-May

Oh my goodness, this is a full blown head cold. I made some homemade chicken soup (spiked with cayenne pepper) when I got home from work and after I down another neo citron. (No pictures again today, sorry) Here's the low-down on the clothes I wore for

Skirt:                 Marcy Tilton design, Vogue 8637. Burnt orange double knit. I actually would like to make another one in black, it is such a comfortable skirt.     

Sweater:          RTW, taupe and orange zippered Rachel Roy sweater.  

Camisole:        RTW.

Jacket:             RTW, Navy blue windbreaker.  

Footwear:        Beige environmentally friendly Groundhogs.

Eyewear:         DKNY.  

Accessories:    Knee braces.
                             Silver watch.  

Undies:           Pantyhose, bra and knickers, all RTW.

Nightgown:     McCall's 8525 made in a cotton flannel.  

Bathrobe:        Simplicity 7417. Fabric: 100% cotton terry cloth.

Socks:              Smartwool.  

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