Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vogue's Winter Holiday Collection

Vogue's Winter Holiday Collection came out this evening. I don't think that I'm feeling all that festive yet. The holidays are two months away, the downtown was being decorated with Christmas lights this afternoon and not even that the Vogue Holiday Collection jump started my festive spirit.

Despite the lack of festive HO! HO! Holiday spirit, I did manage to find a couple of patterns that I wouldn't mind making from the Winter Holiday Collection.

Of course, one of them is a KaTheRine Tilton pattern. It is a jacket, Vogue 8863. However, I am not in need another jacket. I'm just admiring the design detail. I like the sleeve detail on this pattern. It has knit sleeves sewn from the lining. I think that it is cute.

The other pattern that caught my eye was Vogue 8854. I could see this in a sweater fleece fabric.

I will say that I was a wee bit disappointed that the hemline on the dresses didn't fall. Most of the dresses were knee length or shorter with the exception of Vogue 8858 a Marcy Tilton skirt that has long versions included in the pattern. That said changing a hemline is a simple thing to do and I will admit that I do think Vogue 1326 and Vogue 1327 are very cute dresses. But then again, I don't need another dress either.

A fleece it is!

Happy Sewing.


  1. I agree that 8854 is a really interesting pattern, I like the modern details. Overall though the new patterns are a bit blah.

    1. And the model poses, they went conservative this time. What's up with that? Mind you I did like seeing the details.


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