Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Dress

It was a toss up between McCall's 6554 and Vogue 8667 for this fabric. The McCall's pattern won. The raised waist and pleat in the skirt front drew me to McCall's 6554.

The fabric is the same fabric I used to make bedroom curtains for Mama R. The print reminds me of the flowers I once admired on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores.

The dress pattern has been criticized by LK over at Good Seams as having a "summer turtleneck." Really?

That makes this dress perfect for my conservative Catholic school workplace. I'll just have to throw on a light sweater to cover up the chicken arms I mysteriously developed as I aged. Did I mention that my workplace has come up with a new dress code where we're not allowed to show any kind of straps or bare arms? I'm certain that means this dress won't fly at work without some kind of arm coverage. I fear it was my chicken flappy arms that grossed out the boss and now we're ordered to sweat during the summer heat. But I digress...

Despite the fact that this design will show off my chicken wings and has a "summer turtleneck" look, I do like this pattern.

It is coming together nicely. I did sew the bodice back to the skirt back before attaching the pockets and sewing up the sides, a slight detour from the pattern instructions. It just seems to be easier when sewing the invisible zipper. I found some double sided tape used for quilting that disappears when washed, Wash Away Wonder Tape. My favourite "new" (to me) trick for sewing perfect zippers.

I hope to finish this dress up up tomorrow after work since there is not much more left to do. There are pockets, side seams, line the bodice and hem to finish before I take some pictures of the summer dress.    

Until then, I should say good-night and happy sewing!


  1. Lovely pattern. I'm looking forward to see your dress. Have a great day !

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! Sorry if I insulted you in any way, its just an opinion. Your dress looks lovely and I'm sure you look absolutely lovely in it.

    1. LK, you did not insult me in any way, I thought your observations and critique of the show and pattern designs were hilarious. I enjoyed reading your blog post!


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