Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holy Crap, Batman!

I have a lot of patterns. No seriously, a lot of patterns!

Drawer #1
Drawer #2
Engaged in the procrastination process of making the muslin of my niece's grad dress, I started organizing sewing patterns. It has been a long overdue task. I have to admit that it is sad searching for a pattern that you know you own but can't locate. 

I was inspired by Tasia's blog post about cleaning up your sewing room. She hid her patterns in a filing cabinet drawer.

"Brilliant idea!" I yelled out in absolute joy.
Drawer #3

It was the perfect kick-in-the-pants that I needed to shred all those university notes and journal articles that have been collecting dust in the my filing cabinet. I have no idea why I've held onto them for so long. Thank goodness Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness has also inspired me to ditch things that have been cluttering my space.

I realized that I have a lot of patterns that are no longer in my size. Once upon a time I sewed from patterns cut in sizes 4, 6, 8. Like I said once upon a time.  

I haven't been a size 4 in only the sewing goddess knows how long. It has been so long ago I can't remember. Never mind sizes 6 and 8! Yet, I've held onto some of these patterns for years decades. 

Some of these patterns have been hard to give up, I'm nostalgic about NY Collection by McCall's. I justify this hoarding as collecting. 

But seriously, I really should find good homes for some of these patterns that no longer fit. And would you believe many of which have never been used. I always had good intentions, what I lacked was time.  

Perhaps, I should look into opening an etsy shop or posting them on ebay?  


  1. Great organisation! I'm like you...I love my patterns :) You should definitely open an etsy shop...I'm trying to open one myself as well (more to support my pattern buying habit..hahahahaha)

  2. That would be wonderful to find these a new home and get money for something you can use!

  3. Dont throw them out!


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