Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sewing Thoughts...

It is cold across much of Canada. Bone chillin' cold.

Wind chills of minus forty and extreme cold warning cold.  

Perfect weather to stay indoor and sew.

Or maybe test out the winter coat kind of cold.

I'm relieved to report the winter coat held up in the extreme cold.  

It's all about dressing in layers and that is exactly what is built into the coat.  That extra layer of micro-fleece did the trick.  

Not that I was looking to hang out in the cold for too long.  

There's sewing to do.  

Project cut out and ready to go and I froze. 

It must be the cold.  

I just couldn't get into it.

I mended a skirt. Motivated by Suzanne Shore's article "Fix a too-tight waistband" in the new March 2019 issue of Threads.  

The skirt fits better but I can't say I'm feeling it.  

Pattern Review's first round for the 2019 Sewing Bee is coming to an end and the entries are popping up on the webite.  I'm not feeling the "living coral" cardigan theme. 

Instagram news that a local fabric store is now carrying cork fabric was almost enough to get me out into the bitter cold. Almost.  

And after all the procraftination was done, I am finally sewing.  

Buried under a blanet for extra warmth.  

Stay warm and happy sewing!  


  1. Isn't the cold something else. I think winter has arrived!!!

    God bless.

    1. Yes, I like winter, but this is crazy! Stay warm.

  2. Stay cozy!! We watched the news tonight and were astounded at the reports. As for the Sewing Bee gallery, I am loving all the coral cardis :-)

  3. I’m impressed with the coat and aghast at the cold. I’ve experienced those temps as a military brat on Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan. It was fun when I was 12. I still like snow, but the cold scares me and hurts my elbows!


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