Sunday, 13 January 2019

Terry Cloth Robe: OOP Simplicity 7417

I once vowed I wouldn't sew another terry cloth robe. Plans change.  

Decades ago, I made a terry cloth robe similar to this one that I wore out. It's a messy project. But I missed the terry cloth robe with the hood trimmed with lace. A couple of years ago during Mitchell Fabric closing sale I picked up this cozy terry cloth. And yes, it's taken this long to get to this project.  I don't know why.  It's an easy peasy project and something that I've wanted to replace for quite some time.  

I'm so happy to finally have this project checked off the want-to-make list. 

The pattern is out-of-print (OOP) Simplicity 7417, circa 1996.  If you come across a copy, I would recommend picking it up even though robe patterns are widely available from the big four pattern companies.  This vintage pattern, unlike modern patterns, offers a variety of neckline details and hemline lengths.  It was the hooded version, just like the previous make, that I was drawn to.  Want a hooded robe and can't find a copy of OOP Simplicity 7417, consider Burda 6740.  

The Stats

Fabric:  3.7 metres

Pattern:  Simplicity 7417

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, sewing machine, serger, scissors, clippers, pins, pin cushion, tailor's chalk, threads, measuring tape, serger needle and a vacuum for all those little stray threads.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Replies
    1. It is!, I didn't realize how much I missed having one like this until I put it one last night. It's nice to have the replacement robe.

  2. I love this robe! I can't tell from the photo, but is that two rows of lace? And is the lace cotton or nylon?


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