Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Top 5 of 2018: The Misses

Top 5 Misses: Not everything works out, so this is your chance to share the 5 projects that didn’t turn out, never got worn, were accidentally destroyed in the wash, or were otherwise less successful!

1.  I had high hopes for this project but it wasn't meant to be.  It stalled here when I realized that it wasn't going to fit.

2.  Oh dear, looking back at photos I realize there are more misses than I thought there would be, introducing this little number.  

It's once again about the fit, too snug from the waist to hip area and the pleat doesn't lay flat.  Just. Can't. Breathe.

3.  I miscalculated the placement of the pockets on this dress.  At first, they were placed too low.   And then I tried again only to make things worse and they weren't even and lopsided.  I haven't got around to trying again.  Hopefully, the third time is the charm.    

4.  I don't wear this one too often even though I receive compliments and inquiries every time I do. I guess it's just too fancy and I don't feel comfortable with all the attention it receives.  .  

5.  I didn't preshrink the fabric before I cut this one out which turned out to be okay, so I thought, because it came out a little on the big side.  And then it shrunk width and lengthwise.  Oh, and then there is the hemline on the cowl that should have been rolled the other way.  

Happy Sewing!



  1. Ah. It's tough when it doesn't work out when we reallllly want it to :) I just love the color of that tunic/dress and didn't even notice that the collar was hemmed "wrong"!


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