Saturday, 9 December 2017

Make Something Week: Wool Scarves

I am a maker.
A maker is someone who transforms things s/he already owns into something new by sharing, up-cycling swapping, repairing, and creating.  Make something celebrates creative, resourceful and social people that enjoy the experience of making something new out of their old things for the people we love.  

Today's project is a recycled project.

Prior to the transformation:

I found this 100% wool knit skirt at a second hand store. It's in perfect condition and it even fits. 

But it is not my style. The lacy knit fabric at the lower portion of the skirt is see-through, it could benefit from a lining or a slip. Or if someone had the figure to pull it off, a pair of leggings underneath.  But that is not me.

I picked it up for the fabric and because it was large enough to transform it into something else. 

It is a 100% virgin wool fabric with no piling and no damage and best part

is that I picked it up for a song.  

I would have refashioned it into a sweater but I went the easy route instead. This project is dictated by need. Since, I'm on a natural fibre vs man-made fibre experiment at the moment I'm in need of a wool scarf. You know, something to keep the winter chill at bay.  

This one is a single layered scarf with serged lengthwise edges. 

And a second scarf has the lengthwise seam stitched and then turned over to create a tube scarf. I can easily turn this into an infinity scarf but I quite like it this way.  

There is still more fabric to consider.  This is a quarter of the yoke of the skirt. It's not like the lace portion, rather it is a beefy knit wool that would be perfect for a couple of matching mittens. I just have to find a pattern.  Or maybe hand warmers.

Happy Sewing!  

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