Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mitchell Fabrics

Over the years, praise for Mitchell Fabrics have made appearances on the blog. Their service has been unmatchable as they have helped me with various sewing projects in both my personal, volunteer and work place sewing endeavours. The only times when I did not have an enjoyable shopping experience at Mitchell Fabric came when I came too close to the in-house cat or that one unfortunate time when I admired unpriced knit fabrics. But those are overshadowed by the many positive experiences at the store. It is with the greatest sadness this morning that I discovered on instagram that the store is closing. I actually didn't believe the instagram post. And went searching for confirmation.  

Announcement from 28 February 2017 Winnipeg Free Press
How heartbreaking for the sewing community that this city landmark is closing. I know that I will personally miss shopping here. It was the only place that I found fair trade cotton knits, gorgeous silks, and the beautiful Italian and British wools. ~sigh~  

Yes, I know there are online stores but I know that I'll never embrace shopping for fabrics online with the same joy and enthusiasm as shopping at an old-fashioned retailer. I need to feel a fabric to be inspired and the online shipping costs don't make an online fabric purchase worth it.  

I only can say thank you Mitchell Fabrics for all the wonderful selection, not only on fabric but buttons as well, you will certainly be missed.  

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  1. always sad to see a brick and mortar shop leave....


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