Thursday, 2 March 2017

I Blew the Budget

So much for that Fabric Fast... and as we'll see, I didn't give up fabric for Lent either. This fabric haul was based on the fact that Mitchell Fabrics is closing and they're the only fabric outlet in the city that carries quality wool and silk fabrics that I'm unable to find anywhere else in the city. And goodness knows, I'm not an online fabric shopping. I need to feel and see the fabric.  

Well, it was all over the news that Mitchell Fabrics is closing their doors and not surprisingly the store was full to the rafters with customers trying to score a bargain, myself included. I had bolts on my mind that I had planned to snag but they were gone by the time I got there. Someone has that beautiful black cashmere that I would stroke and swoon over every time I visited the store. How lovely it would be as a winter coat using Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8934. And I was thinking about picking up the rest of the cream coloured raw silk to make into chemo caps, but that was also gone.  

I didn't leave empty handed and if it were not for Mama R holding a spot in line to have fabrics cut I wouldn't have been able to find all of these fabrics. I found this olive wool and cashmere suiting fabric reduced by 70% off when a customer gave up dropped her four bolts of fabrics on a nearby table and walked out the door. A lot of people gave up because of the long line-ups or they had to be somewhere else. I was grateful to have the time to wait for fabrics to be measured and cut. 

This white and blue striped chambray fabric was also marked down 70% off. The whole discounted section of the store was further reduced to 70% off. And there's some beautiful silks including a lovely silk plaid that would make an adorable little girls' Christmas dress. I resisted and left it for another sewist. There really are some good deals there even though some of the shelves are starting to look bare.   

If I had an unlimited budget I could have easily spent it in the wool section. I picked up two pieces, the first this beautiful Italian wool is planned for a pair of pants. There wasn't much left on the bolt.  

The other choice was this beautifully soft 100% wool plaid. I'm not quite sure what it will become, perhaps a dress and blazer?   

And buttons and tailor's chalk. The notions wall was almost bare when I got there but there is still lots of fabric. Oh and I almost forgot, there was also some fabric for a terry robe. I think I blew the budget for the year.

I have to say that the atmosphere at the store was friendly even though it was crazy busy.  The customers were understanding and everyone pitched in to help fold cut pieces of fabric and share the bolts they had in their possession. Often a bolt was passed down the line to the next person who wanted a cut.  And the conversations in line were filled with friendly inquiries as to what each of us were sewing.  The service was impeccable as always. It is sad to see this establishment close. Too bad they couldn't find a buyer and to carry on the business. I wish them well and thank them for offering such an outstanding collection of fabrics over the years.  

Well, now I just need to get busy.  Happy Sewing!  


  1. I happened to be there the day they announced they were closing. I was surprised when I walked up to see the 'sale' sign in their windows as I usually get email notifications about them.
    I didn't buy your black cashmere tho' I did buy some other black wool and the blue linen I had stopped there to buy, plus some summer weight wool.
    I hadn't even heard they were trying to sell...

  2. Ah man, I was so sad when I heard the news. :( And I'm way out here in the Yukon so I couldn't get down to shop one last time. SO SAD! D: Glad you got some nice fabric though. Way to go! Or uh, budget, yes, oops. (Enjoy your loot! :D)


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