Monday, 27 March 2017

In Sewing News Today...

Have you seen the new release from Vogue patterns? ~swoon~ I really like the summer 2017 release and best part, I think I found the dress pattern I would like to work on for an autumn wedding.

Vogue 1544 would be my pick for such an occasion and I have a silver silk fabric that might work. Of course, I'll lengthen it to somewhere below the knee.  
Vogue 1550 is my favourite from all of the summer released patterns. Simple and comfortable looking. And I have some linen stashed away that would be perfect for this outfit.   

What is it about a Marcy Tilton dress pattern that I can't resist?  Vogue 9254 calls for knit fabrics and I like that you can mix and match up patterns and colours with this one.
And then another Claire Schaeffer French inspired jacket makes it onto my wish-list. I don't think that I'll be picking this one up even though a French jacket has been on my sewing wish list. I already have two of Claire Schaeffer's French inspired jacket patterns in the collection. I just need to stop dreaming about sewing it up and get to work.  

How about you, do you spot any patterns that made it onto your wish list?  

In other news... did you hear the latest hoop-la over leggings? Despite the fact that wide-legged pants are supposed to the lastest it-fashion item for 2017, millions of people didn't get the memo. Kidding. Passengers flying United Airlines were denied entry onto the aircraft because of the way they were attired for the flight. Apparently, leggings were a no-fly item and it didn't fly well on twitter either. 

Muddy Mutts

I wonder how old that dress code policy is because it seems like everyone and their dog is wearing leggings everywhere. I guess United Airlines didn't get the memo

Well, that's all in sewing and other news today.

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Important to note that the United policy is for people flying using an employee pass, which these two were. And if you're using a pass, you're given the dress code. They gambled and lost. Boo hoo. Though I prefer real pants when I'm outside ;)

    I really like the Vogue release. That Paco pattern is fantastic. I like the long top with pants view best!

    1. I don't find leggings all that comfortable, maybe because I have short legs and I'd always be trying to pull them up and adjust. Plus for me leggings are so 1980s. I just aged myself, didn't I? Leggings do seem to make an appearance in the news ever now and again and that I find strangely entertaining. And oh my!, the new Vogue release has to be my favourite in the longest time. I'm waiting for the next sale.


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