Saturday, 13 August 2016

In Sewing News Today...

Okay, are you sitting down and enjoying your morning coffee?


Good, I have some news to share. I went into a fabric store and didn't buy any fabric! Crazy, eh? I found myself in the neighbourhood and stopped by Mitchell Fabric, the first time since this happened. And I have to tell you it was a wonderful shopping experience, no one snapped at me for touching fabric.

And they had some beautiful fabric like this Dolce and Gabbana lace fabric. 

I actually gasped when I spotted this bolt draped from the ceiling onto a table.  It is more stunning in person than in the photograph. Rhonda introduced us to this fabric with this blog post. I didn't even look at the price tag, I just stood there in awe, admiring this exquisite bolt of cloth. I was amazed that I would actually stumble across this bolt in a prairie fabric store. It was surreal, so beautifully surreal.

Although, I came across many bolts of beautiful wools and silks, I didn't pick up anything. I kept thinking about the fabric that I have in my stash and that was a good thing. But I was tempted by small pieces of wool found in the reduced section that I thought would work in creating a Koos Van Der Akker design with some of the wools I have in my stash.     

This coat has been on my want-to-make list for quite some time. Maybe soon?

Even though I walked out of the store without any new fabric, I didn't leave empty handed. A New Look skirt pattern that I hope to work on this weekend. Right after I finish cutting and sew Vogue 1515. Yes, OOP Vogue 2427 has fallen to the side lines for now. I hope to finish it before my summer lay-off comes to an end. 

How about you, what's on your sewing table?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Good for you resisting the temptation! But I hope you continue with 2427 when you are ready--.looking forward to seeing 1515- I have just bought it.

    1. I think I'm ready to get back to Vogue 2427, I'm just scared it won't fit since a few pounds creep on since I've sprained my ankle. I just finished Vogue 1515 will blog about it soon.

  2. That lace is beautiful! There's no way I would have been able to resist that

  3. What beautiful fabric! I cannot believe you walked out without a bit of it :-) Here in the southwest, we are in the dog days of everyone is a bit tired of getting up early to escape the heat. I am currently sewing a little tunic out of some Japanese double gauze. It should hit my blog in a day or two.

    1. I will admit that I was considering a skirt with that piece of lace and then came to my senses when I tried to figure out how the heck it would ever fit into my lifestyle.


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