Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Only in My Dreams

I took a break from working on OOP Vogue 2427 to work on a summer dress. And that is when the weather turned from sunny and hot to cloudy and rainy. I should have taken that as an ominous sign that my idea of a perfect summer dress was not meant to be. 

I was influenced by a dress I spotted at a BCBG store earlier this summer. I was so thrilled with the fit when I tried it on and over-the-moon excited when I discovered that with McCall's 7402, I can make my own version.  

McCall's 7402
C$5.00 + Fabric + thread + bias tape.

I almost chocked when I saw the price tag, $205 for a sleeveless pullover tent dress. Not that I was considering breaking my RTW fast on a tent style dress that I could easily whip up. (so I thought). I found a 100% polyester crepe with a lovely drape and made my own version for a fraction of the cost. 

The BCBG dress I tried on in the store was a size small and since I typically cut a smaller size at the shoulders / neckline and after checking the ease on the pattern, I thought I would go with the size small on this pattern as well. Now the plan would have worked out perfectly if I only stuck to the plan. I mistakenly cut an XS on the back side seam. Yikes! It is a little snug at the bust for my liking but it might be the motivation that I need to drop those pounds that have creeped recently. It would have been perfect if I just stuck to the plan.

And woo-wee is this ever long, or should I say, am I ever short! The hem dragged on the floor at the longest points. And I did not want to shorten it at the higher points so the contrast fabric is not even widths.  I cut several inches off at the longest point grading towards the higher hem lengths. It is not a even but it works in my eyes.

The only other change that I made to the pattern was how I finished the neckline and armholes. After reading a review over on Pattern Review, I decided to finish these areas with bias tape and hand stitch the tape in place. I used a beige coloured bias tape left over from the spring coat.

Do I love it as much as the BCBG dress? No. It is not even close. I'll be honest, I prefer the BCBG dress. The McCall's version falls above knee length on me where I did not shorten it and it is not a hem length that I like on me. The BCBG dress is long at the sides and even at the shortest points in the hem, it is well below knee length. And it is huge, reminiscent of Mrs. Roper's fashion style of excess ease.

The neckline looks sad on my version. Oh well, it was good for a laugh. Maybe I can wear it as sleepwear?

The Stats:

Fabric:    4.5 metres polyester crepe

Pattern:   McCall's 7402

Bias Tape:  1 package.

Additional tools and supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, sewing machine needle, threads, cutting table, scissors, thread clippers, pins, hand sewing needle, and coffee.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Graca, i's a pretty color and I bet will make a lovely lounging piece for wround home. I like it!

    1. Thanks, I think that is what it will become, an at-home lounge piece. I considered giving it to my niece but I wasn't sure if it were her style, but my nephew said she doesn't wear dresses. We live in jean country, land of the Canadian tuxedo.


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