Monday, 11 April 2016

Some Things Will Never End.


Today at work, it happened again. Those dreaded words, "I have a favour to ask you."


Of course, predictably it was a request to do someone's mending. Which is quite shocking considering that I've been wearing a wrist brace while at work since December. 


It blows my mind that someone would ask someone else to do their household chores never mind ask someone who wears a brace. And the silliest part of the "favour" is that it is something so simple that anyone could do with a thread and needle, it doesn't require a sewing machine. 


Sadly, some things will never end. It really is heart breaking with Fashion Revolution Day around the corner that people fail to seek out business people who have the skills, equipment, and time to solve their mending problems. Really sad. 

Happy Sewing!  


  1. My yoga teacher asked me to patch a bag for her that she bought in India. I was very surprised. It is not an easy task. And the interesting thing is that the bag isn't going to hold up. It is just going to rip again. However she did throw in 4m of paisley cotton lawn...

  2. I just say no to everyone to make it easier! People just do not get it...or they don't care. Probably a little of both.

    Someone asked me to take in 3 pair of dress pants. Uhmm, No. My daughter had the zipper break on a favorite pair of jeans. I paid my neighborhood seamstress $12, happily, to replace said zipper. I referred him to her, don't know if he went or not.

  3. My standard response is: "I don't sew for other people". The important thing is to not apologize, because that gives them an in, and they might/will try to manipulate you. I get asked almost weekly to sew for someone at work, and I never do. Evah!


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