Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fashion Revolution Week 2016

The people at Fashion Revolution are asking "who are the people in your life that make, repair, pick, design, rework, style, and salvage your clothing?"  

Mama R, an angel in disguise.

This wonderful woman used to make me jumpers from recycled coats and other items she could find. There wasn't much money when we were growing up to go "fabric shopping" for whatever we wanted. Budget was always a dictating factor. I have to tell you that my memory of Mama R growing up is that she was alway very stylish. She doesn't sew me little jumpers anymore, instead she will repair the metal clasp on my pants every now and then. Bless her heart, she knows that I don't like mending. In return, I will gladly sew anything her heart desires. Right now, her heart's desire is for a new slip. The pattern is on the cutting table to be traced off.      

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