Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finding Inspiration...

I discovered a lovely little dress shop here in Winnipeg. It's called daddy's girl and they feature the most exquisite statement pieces I've seen in the city. Walking through the store was the most joyful shopping experience I can remember having here in Winnipeg. I didn't break the budget only because the funkiest dress I've tried on in a long time didn't fit me, otherwise I would have broke my RTW fast. And that dress would have been worth it.  

They carried a few pieces that I admired from Australia that would be suitable for Winnipeg's cooler weather. I could have gotten myself in so much trouble there if I weren't working with an overweight petite shape! I did leave with a similar item to Sleevey Wonders in a black mesh. Under garments are allowed in the RTW fast, so I'm okay. It cost me a fraction of what a Sleevey Wonder would have and I didn't have to shop online and wait weeks for it to cross the border. 

The best part of my visit to this little gem was chatting with the owners Mea Adams and her daughter. Mea complimented me on my jacket and when I mentioned that I made it and that it was a kAthRine Tilton design they knew exactly who and what I was talking about. You see Mea is a sewer as well. I knew there was a reason I like love this shop! She told me she had a Vogue pattern book under her desk and my respect for her and her shop grew even more and we had a lovely chat about sewing machines and our shared wish that we had more time to sew. It was one of my highlights of the weekend.  

Well, that and finding some beautiful fabric pieces at Fabricland. Do you want to see?

I picked up this mock cable knit fabric for my kAtheRine Tilton coat dress, Butterick 6254. There wasn't enough yardage in the wine colour so I picked up the white for the sleeves and collar.

It feels like a polyester but it is listed as "100% unknown fibres" on the label. I really dislike not knowing what I'm buying but I like the fabric more than that annoyance.

I also picked up some green polyester fabric even though I prefer natural fibres it was the colour that I was all smitten over. I'm thinking this will become another Marcy Tilton skirt, Vogue 9060.

I've found inspiration to sew this weekend, that's for sure. Now, I just need to find the time.

Happy Sewing!


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    1. Thanks, I stumbled across it accidentally as it was hiding in a bin of knit fabrics. I feel lucky to have found it.


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