Sunday, 25 October 2015

Marcy Tilton Jacket

It might be a prairie thing but I'm a gal that loves plaid. So, I was a wee bit disappointed when I read Vogue's recommendation, "[u]nsuitable for obvious diagonals, plaids or stripes" on Vogue 8430's envelope.  

Thankfully, I came across Marcy's Tilton's fabric recommendation for a plaid for her pattern.  

Usually, I don't follow fabric recommendations but I came across the most luxurious melton plaid fabric my fingers happily danced across with loving strokes thrown in. I wish you could feel this fabric.  

I tossed and turned while I thought what to do with this fabric, risk making a jacket or make another wrap. Do I really need another wrap? I really wanted a jacket made out of this but I didn't want to end up with a mistake.  

The Pattern:

Marcy Tilton call this her "all-time best selling Vogue pattern" and there are over thirty reviews found on Pattern Review dot com which back up the claim. 

It is an easy-peasy pattern to put together as there are a total of four pattern pieces, back, left front, right front and sleeves and the edges are left unfinished. Needless to say this is a quick make. The pattern has a longer back than the front where the side seams meet but I decided to even the front pieces with the back as I prefer an even hem.  

Marcy Tilton has a well-deserved following because her patterns have those unexpected details that making sewing her patterns an absolute joy. I really like the cut out "dart" in the lower part of the sleeve. I have fun trying out different decorative stitches on my machine.  

I chose the botton left stitch instead of a zig-zag stitch for the sleeve.  

The pattern comes with felting instructions for unfelted fabrics. I don't have the sewing machine or attachments for this kind of embellishment so I by-passed those directions.   

I should mention that this pattern runs large and is described as "very-loose fitting." After the Kathryn Brenne pattern experience with the "very loose fitting" rating I decided to go with a size small. And I'm glad that I did. I love the fit and beside rolling up the sleeves, it is my idea of a perfect fit. 

The Fabric:

I can't stress how cozy and soft this fabric is to the touch. I found this piece at Mitchell's Fabric here in the city. It is a Melton check with a fibre content that consists of 64% polyester, 34% viscose, and 2% spandex. I know, who would ever think that polyester could feel this luxurious? Not me, as my fingers gravitated towards the bolt. At 30% off I was able to talk myself into this purchase quite easily.  

Since I didn't use a felted fabric and the fabric I did choose has some polyester there was some fraying. Not much, but enough that I couldn't leave the edges unfinished. I one point I did consider sewing a hand stitched blanket stitch with some embroidery thread but that would mean that I would have to wait longer to wear it. Instead, I went with a serged edge.  

I didn't pre-shrink the fabric. I know, my bad. But if it does shrink, it will still fit as there is a generous amount of ease though out.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:   1.3 metres $23.56 ($22.95 - 30% off + taxes)

Pattern:  Vogue 8430 $5.65 ($5.00 sale price + taxes)

Thread:   I'm going to say $1.00 towards this cost since the seams were not finished on the serger.  

This is my favourite fall make so far.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. That looks like a cozy and cheerful jacket-you should get a lot of wear out of it, especially if fall continues the way it has.

    1. It is cozy, I can't stop stroking the sleeve when I try it on. I am already planning tomorrow's work outfit around this jacket!

  2. It is wonderful! Great pattern/fabric match. I know some of those polyesters out there feel lovely! Great for people like me that don't like to wear wool (too itchy)

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure about this pattern / fabric match at first but I'm glad I read Marcy Tilton's recommendation for a plaid and that was the push I needed to go ahead.

  3. This is so wonderful in the plaid you chose. Enjoy wearing it as the days get crisp.


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