Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New Vogue Patterns: Summer 2015

Okay, it is way past my bedtime and I wasn't going to write a post this late. But have you seen the new Vogue patterns for Summer 2015?  

My favourite pattern from the collection has me wishing that I had a little girl to sew for, Vogue 1455.  

Seriously, how adorable is this dress? Does it look familiar? 

It totally reminds me of another Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1410 but this mini version is reversible! Isn't it adorable?  

I really like the asymmetrical closing on this dress, Vogue 9105. It won't likely make it to my pattern collection since it doesn't fit my lifestyle, but I do like the vintage design. Besides, I think this dress has Laura Mae's name written all over it.

Now this, Vogue 9107 is more my style. Except, I would have to lengthen below knee length.  

Of course, there is another Marcy Tilton design that I found oh-sew-fun! Vogue 9108.  

And this skirt pattern, Vogue 9114, is by a new-to-me designer, Kathryn Brenne. I don't think I will add this pattern to my collection since I don't need anymore skirts but this just might be a designer I will want to watch.  

How about you, any summer Vogue patterns that made it onto your wish list?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I was honestly disappointed in this release, and like Laura Mae said it feels like they are releasing less patterns every time they come out with new ones, so sad. I think the only pattern I really want from this release is the Tracy Reese pattern, I guess that's a good thing :)

  2. So many good ones!!!! I agree that there are fewer but I will gladly take fewer patterns that pack a punch like these do!

    I don't sew many dresses so I'm always hoping for more separates but still, so many interesting details to love here.

    I didn't look at the girls' dress but may pick it up now!

  3. The only one I really liked was V9111 (the crossover top). Lots of interesting details on some of the other patterns, but just not my style. Hopefully these patterns hit the spot for those people who have been complaining about how boring and repetitive the Vogue releases are...

  4. I also stayed up far too late looking over all the patterns instead of going to sleep. There are many I admire and a few I may buy.

  5. I'm starting 9105! It's a lot and I'm still new to sewing but I super stoked!! The ladies at the fabric store looked at me stupid when I said I was using organza for interfacing but that's what it calls for. When I complete this dress I'll be making my first crinoline petticoat.


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