Thursday, 2 April 2015

Loose (very loose) Fitting Top

Stash-busting 2015:  Butterick 6175

Fabric:                  1.10 metre of 100% cotton $15.66 ($18.00/metre - 30% off + taxes)

Lace:                     1.20 metres of 100% cotton lace trim $3.80 ($3.50 - 20% off + taxes)

Zipper:                  12" invisible, recycled

Basting Tape:      Birthday gift

Pattern:                 Butterick 6175 @ $13.53 ($19.95 - 40% off + taxes)

Sewn On:              Janome 4120QDC using a regular presser foot for regular stitches, invisible and regular zipper feet for zipper installation.

Seam Finish:        Serged on a Janome My Lock serger.

I'll be completely honest, I never imaged that I would add this pattern to my collection. I picked this one up after becoming tempted by all those RTW lace trimmed tops popping up in the stores this spring.
{RTW version of hemline lace trimmed top: Source}
I like the easy fit and retro feel of the top. I knew I could come up with my own version and that is when Butterick 6175 became a consideration.   

I knew that I wanted a top with sleeves and Butterick 6175 has sleeves that sit just above the elbow, a longer length than most of the sleeves found on the RTW tops. I chose the bell shaped sleeve (View B) which looks better on the pattern illustration than it does on me. A sleeve style that I've been noticing on the RTW landscape--wish I tried it on before picking this style for the top. I wasn't crazy about the back neckline slit and button and loop finish so I changed that to a invisible zipper. I think next time (if I make another one) I will lower the front neckline and change it to a pullover top like Ann did over at Sew Baby News. I think her version looks great and there is no fuss with closures. I should note that I can pull this top on and off without even touching the zipper but I do think Ann's lowered neckline looks better.   

And this is what I came out with, an old lady top. And not in the good, funky, or stylish way. Yeah, I know that some people consider me an old lady (family can be so brutal). But I was hoping for something more easy, comfortable and fun. This just reminds me of something frumpy. Should always trust ones instincts about a pattern.
I didn't follow the pattern instructions all that closely as it is a pretty easy pattern to figure out even without the instructions. I changed the order of things starting with zipper installation. I also sewed one side seam, finished the hemline, sewed the lace trim before I sewed the other side seam close. I saved the sleeves for the last step.

The fit is not perfect (frumpy). I found the shoulders to be a wee bit wide (frumpy). I did cut a size 14 in the shoulder and neckline areas.  According to the envelope, my bust measurements put me at a size 16 but I should have stayed with a size 14 cut in the bust area. Even the (frumpy) bust dart points sits off to the side. It doesn't look like it from the illustrations and photograph on the pattern envelope but there is a generous amount of ease (frumpy-ness) in this pattern.

Despite my complaints about the less-than-ideal (frumpy) fit, I do have a frumpy and wearable top that will work with my work wardrobe.  And I need tops for work even if they are frumpy. Besides, I work in a school were I have destroyed many pieces of clothing with ink and paint stains and tears from brushing too close to lockers. I'm sure that will happen to this one too. The total cost of basic materials to make this top came to roughly $42.99, compared to $89.27 for the sleeveless RTW version.  

Happy Sewing!

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