Wednesday, 4 February 2015

In Sewing News Today...

I picked up a ready-to-wear item. Don't worry, I have already returned it. I was shopping for inspiration not for clothes. The item in question is a Lord and Taylor cashmere pullover sweater with a boat neckline. I wish I could find cashmere knit fabric like this in the fabric stores but no such luck.  

I love the way this sweater fits and that is the reason that it made it home with me. It laid on my cutting table as I measured it up to New Look 6838, a pattern that I had sitting in my pattern collection for way too long.  

I want to make a boat-neck top with a three-quarter length sleeve just like that blue Lord and Taylor sweater. There has been several reviews online about the fit of this pattern and since I no longer have a girlish figure and don't usually sew with New Look patterns I thought I could use a little help. I traced out the outline onto my pattern pieces. 

I have some scrap pieces of knit fabric that I plan to use for my muslin. I don't have enough of the the striped fabric to do the whole project so I might use the scrap piece of knit for one sleeve and perhaps pockets. I'm just trying to figure out how I want to treat the neckline. The pattern calls for the neckline to be finished with a rolled hem but I'm considering lining the top.

And talking about knit tops, remember this blooper? Guess what I found today while looking for knit fabric for the New Look top.  

Yup, that is enough left over piece of the same fabric to cut out an new front and placket. Oh my goodness, you can't imagine how thrilled I was to find this piece of fabric. I honestly didn't think that I had any left. The top was cut out a long time ago. I completely forgot that there was some left over.  

I've  been going through my scrap pile for another reason. There are some pieces big enough for my Lenten Sewing project. There is even enough of the animal print knit to use for the project I have in mind and it is a soft knit, so it will work well. But I digress...  

This year I plan to sew chemo caps for Cancer Care Manitoba. They accept hand-make chemo caps and have two ways that they can be distributed. They either can sell them or give them away through one of their programs. I'm requesting that they are given away. I'm going to use McCall's 6521. The plan is to have forty chemo caps completed by Easter weekend. Anyone want to join the thimble party?   

Well, that's all in sewing news today...  

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  1. Crud! I had this pattern!

    I have a classmate who recently started chemo (we are 35). I was going to make some of these but didn't know if it was too forward. We aren't *friends* per se. I think I'll go grab the pattern at the next sale.


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