Friday, 2 December 2011

Help! (I could use some advice)

Yes, I was wrong. I guessed my co-worker would have a girl. She had a healthy baby boy.

That means that I have to get the sewing machine out of storage and start sewing a baby onsie fit for a baby boy.

I'm going to decide between orange with vanilla coloured sleeves or green knit with vanilla coloured cuffs.  Hmmm, now where is it?

Okay, so the orange and green knits are out of the race since I can't find which bin they are hiding. And if I want to go through an extensive search it would mean moving furniture and boxes.  Yeah, I don't think I'll be going there.

But I did come across some fabrics that might work. Or maybe not, I can't decide. Do you think polar fleece might work? It is winter in Winnipeg.

Or should I go with this blue double knit?

Help!, I could use some advice. Do you care to share your opinion? Anyone?


  1. Both of them would be adorable. just keep in mind the snaps that are sold in the stores aren't going to behave on the fleece very well. I used velcro.

  2. Blue double knit says Paula


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