Sunday, 10 December 2017

In Sewing News Today...

Today marks the end of Make Something Week hosted by Greenpeace and Fashion Revolution. I love that it was held in December, when consumerism is at it's peak, as a reminder that we can make things with the stuff that we already own.

The best lessons I learned this week are that if it's make out of quality fabric it's worth saving or making something new with it and recycled light bulbs really do make fixing holes in socks and tights an easier process. If I had more time, I would have loved to do more recycling projects but well, it's that busy time of the year.  I've been busy sewing up Christmas stocking stuffers for someone special when free time allows.

Talking about busy... I had tickets to the theatre this afternoon and I'm part of the group that likes to dress up when going to such a function. It's not everyday that one takes in the theatre, it just seems right to mark the occasion in this way. So, I had big sewing plans as I was really looking forward to this outing.

Paco Peralta's skirt, Vogue 1567, in a plaid silk just seemed festive enough for a Christmas themed theatre event. Sadly, it is still in the the above state of being. Life just got busy and the big plans for a holiday themed outfit fell to the side. And I didn't even go to the theatre as Mama R cancelled because she wasn't feeling well. I really hoped that it would have been a fun afternoon out for Mom but I guess, like the skirt, it wasn't meant to be.

I still want to make this skirt. Although, it looks like it will become a 2018 sewing project and maybe in another fabric choice. There isn't any rush to make it now.

In other sewing news, I've gone and done something that I thought I would never do. I went shopping for fabric online. I know, I almost fainted just typing those words. Earlier this year one of the local fabric stores closed down. The trend is not a recent one and over the last twenty-five years, I've watched and shopped at many closing sales in this city. But this most recent one, that hurt the most. It was a large fabric store with unmatched customer service (except for this time) where they would gladly help with a special order and it was centrally located. Since it closed down, prices at one of the remaining fabric stores have increased drastically. At first, I thought it was laughable when man-made fabrics were showing up with $70.00/metre price tags. No one will buy it even if it went on sale at 70% off, I thought. But then it wasn't funny anymore. I wasn't laughing, I move onto disappointment and then disgust that they were trying to take advantage of the shrinking competitive market.   

This weekend on CBC's Marketplace, they did an episode on Baby supplies comparing Canadian / U.S. retailers.  There was quite the difference, most of which were shocking. It echoed the increases seen at the fabric stores.  The program interviewed an associated business professor from the University of Toronto who points out that from the point of the consumer, it is likely that the price increase is not viewed as justified, rather they would likely be viewed as outrageous. Added was that  from the point of the retailer, when they don't find much competition, they're going to charge as much as they can get away with. And that is what appears to be happening here. If you go to the website of this national fabric store and continue to the online store do you know what you find, cheaper prices than what you will find at the local store. Even if you put in shipping! It is outrageous!

But thankfully, there is a whole other world of sewing products out there. In light of the changes that are happening in the local retail scene it just makes sense to look elsewhere. I've been picking sewing patterns online since Simplicity was no longer offered and the membership discount was reduced on the remaining brands. It only made sense to order them directly from the pattern companies. Why not fabric?  

L to R:  Hemp / organic cotton jersey, wool melange sweater knit,
and cotton cashmere featherweight knit.  

I have to say that I'm really impressed with Emma One Sock Designer Fashion Fabrics. I've read so many good reviews of their fabric and they're mentioned in many sewing articles. And you can request samples before making a final decision. It is not just the competitive prices that I'm impressed with, it's the quality that I wouldn't be able to find here. That wool melange sweater knit is sublime. It would be perfect for another Simplicity 8529. The hemp / cotton blend is quite lovely too. They are going on my Christmas wish list for now since sewing time is quite scarce at the moment.

Well, that is all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi,
    I have been ordering from Emma One Sock since 2012, because , like you I have problems wearing synthetics. I really miss Mitchell Fabrics because they did carry wonderful woolens, but Emma One Sock has so much variety in natural fabrics. Her pricing is fair, and she does the best she can on giving Canadians a break on shipping, not to mention the care that is taken in labeling and packaging her product. Wish I had the resources to open a fabric store here in Winnipeg because it is needed. Our local big chain store is not doing a great job of stocking quality, natural fabric at a good price. I did find a piece of pretty silk there a month ago and the $40.00 a metre price tag was 50% off with my membership, but Emma One Sock's silks are regularly priced at about $20.00 a generous yard. However, the silk had flaws all through it from our local chain store, so it made me wonder about their suppliers. I have never been disappointed when ordering from EOS, customer service is exceptional. Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

    1. Good to know that you're another happy customer of EOS, I was really impressed with the samples.

  2. Bookmarking that site. It is amazing!!

    God bless.

  3. I keep thinking Mitchell's is still there. It's like phantom pain; I think, I need a gray zipper -I'll stop at Mitchell's on Thursday when I'm in the area, and then I remember.

    1. Me too, sometimes I'll be driving into the downtown area and think I'll stop off at Mitchell's to see what they have and then I remember their closed. ~sigh~


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