Friday, 10 March 2017

Matching Mother / Daughter Dresses: Chambray Dress II

Oh my goodness, sometimes I crack myself up. Mama R and I never dressed alike while I was a wee little gal. But it's never too late, right? I had enough of that floral print chambray fabric to make Mama R a dress using her favourite dress pattern, Simplicity 2372. Even though this is an easy project, it was difficult to motivate myself to get it done. I have to admit that the passion for sewing has taken a hit these past couple of months. I'm glad that I got this done though.

Mama R is thrilled with it and says that it will be a "summer" dress. The usual changes to the pattern happen here as well.  

  • Eliminated the centre front seam.  
  • Basted the tucks and then removed the basting after the seams were stitched (basically I did this to cut down on the sitting time at the sewing machine).  
  • Inserted a centre back zipper.
  • Lengthened the sleeves.
  • Shortened the dress.  
  • Adjusted the neckline and raglan sleeve so that the neckline doesn't sit as low.  
  • Added front patch pockets.  

There was absolutely no challenge to this project since I'm well-versed in this project. I've lost count with how many versions of Simplicity 2372 I've made over the years. It worked out to being just the thing I needed, an easy peasy project.

The fabric is a 100% cotton Chambray that I've been gushing over for the past few weeks. It was pretreated with a tumble through the washing machine and dryer and it handled the pretreatment process without any issues.

The Stats:

Fabric:  2.00 metre of 100% cotton Chambray ($26.00 / metre - 70% off + taxes = $17.62 Cdn)

Interfacing:  0.20 metres of fusible interfacing ($6.00 / metre + taxes = $1.36 Cdn)

Zipper:  22" / 55 cm closed end invisible zipper ($3.90 - 50% off + taxes = $2.20 Cdn)

Basting Tape:  44" / 1.10 metres ($0.63 Cdn)

Thread:  4 spools of 100% polyester thread for the serger and 1 spool of 100% cotton thread for the sewing machine and hand stitching (averaged out as $3.00 Cdn)

Pattern:  Simplicity 2372 (Priceless, this is a tried and true pattern with all the adjustment to fit Mama R perfectly)

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, tweezers, brushes, screwdriver, regular foot, invisible zipper foot, regular zipper foot, blind hem foot, serger, cutting table, pins, scissors, thread clippers, iron, ironing board, ruler, tailor's chalk, hand sewing needle, coccyx cushion, timer on the iPhone (keeping track of the 15 minute sewing limits), wrist brace, gel pad for elbow, stretching and exercise breaks, heat pad and a whole lot of procrastination.

Happy Sewing!


  1. It may be tried and true and thus easy, but I'm still blown away by your output with 15 minute interval sewing. Hope you're all healed up soon.

    1. I usually stitch down the tucks / pleats around the neckline and at the armhole seam but I didn't want to sit down and so those so I hand-basted them while standing up at my cutting table. That cut down on my sit-down-and-sew time and I've reached that I'm bored and need to do something stage besides physio exercises stage.


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