Saturday, 2 April 2016

In Sewing News Today...

My work lay-off is coming to an end after this weekend. I didn't manage to get much done as I hoped to sewing wise but I've been inspired to get sewing. My wrist has been slowing me down though. But that is okay because I've been searching for some knit fabric that I knew was part of my stash.

I picked up this colourful knit fabric a couple of years ago with thoughts of making a wrap dress and now that I have found my ideal wrap dress pattern, Vogue 7014, I have no excuse but to get to work. I also found a mint green colour knit. Two more wrap dresses are in the plans for this month.

I also found this in my spring / summer fabric stash that I plan to match up with OOP Vogue 8887 and make the short jacket. Even though there is newly sprinkled white stuff on the ground, my thoughts are on spring sewing.  

I spent some time with fabric outside of my stash as well when I found and treated myself to a beautiful piece of woven silk at Mitchell's Fabrics this week. I couldn't resist this reduced section find. I'm planning to make another Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1410, which I hope to cut out and sew tomorrow. I'm busy pre-treating the fabric in preparation.

Inspiration piece:  Gayle Ortiz

And there is one more project in the plans for this month. Fashion Revolution Day (April 24), now a whole week (April 18 - 24) is around the corner and I want to make a neckpiece inspired by Gayle Ortiz's piece. I've been collecting clothing labels for a couple of years and I think I might have enough to pull off this project. I think this is a wonderful piece to get the conversation going as to the changes in the fashion industry and how we consume clothing.

So there are my sewing plans for the month. How about you, any planned projects in the works?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thanks for the link to Fashion Revolution Canada...what a cool idea. This month I am participating in Endless Combinations on PatternReview, in which we create a chain of garments (B+A, C+B, D+C etc). I love the fabrics you showcased.

    1. Thanks, it took some digging to find them, but it was worth it as it has the sewing mojo ready to go!


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