Monday, 21 March 2016

Monday's Mending Pile

It has been awhile since I have done a mending post even though I have quite the pile. Today's item came to light while I was switching over my fall / winter to spring / summer wardrobe options. I'm being hopeful here as there is still some snow on the ground.  

I made this vintage wrap dress, Simplicity 8032, back in 2014 and to be completely honest, I don't believe I wore it last year once. It's the length I wasn't all that happy with and I got to work removing  three inches of length.    

Since it was underlined in the yellow cotton I first stitched a line where I wanted to cut the length, catching both layers together. I cut 1/8" below the stitching and then took it to the serger to finish the edge of the two layers. Once that was done it was smooth sailing with a top-stitched 3/4" hemline. This now makes the dress one inch longer than the original hemline.  

Next up, I was second guessing my button choice. I thought the vintage button that I had used looked a bit Victorian, not really the look I was going for. I searched in my button collection and found a yellow one and since it matches the underlining seen through the eyelet, I went with it. Now that looks more spring / summer appropriate.   

Even though my dress is nearly two years old, I almost feel like I have a new one to wear.  

Happy Mending Monday!  

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