Sunday, 18 October 2015

Angel Costume

This is one of four angel costumes that I am making for my workplace's Advent concert. I do enjoy the seasonal concert much more than this type of sewing. Although, I am thrilled that I have one done almost done.   

The Pattern:  

Out-of-print (OOP) McCall's 2340 is the pattern that was chosen for this project.  Only three pieces so you would think that it would be a quick make but somehow it was not the case. Maybe because the pieces are so large and awkward to sew. It is a style that calls for a rope belt that controls all the fullness around the waist.

It is kind of scary that it fits my mannequin stand because this is suppose to be a size medium, kids size 8-10! All that is left to do is the hem but I'm going to hold off on that until I have all of the costumes done and have the kids try them on.  

I really like the shape of the sleeves as they reach towards the hem they widen. I don't like how much fabric this pattern eats up and seems to waste along the way. I chose to cut the sleeves on the cross-grain just because I was trying to be economical on the layout. I will admit to some fear as to whether or not I'll be able to squeak out four costumes from the twelve metres of fabric that I picked up.   

The Fabric:  

I found this fabric at Mitchell Fabrics in the spring. I was hoping to use white sheets for this project because earlier in the spring Target, here in Canada, was packing up and leaving while promising great sales. Sadly, no such sales and they packed up their white sheets as well.  

It may not had been the fabric I hoped to be sewing but it does look nice. The label on this bolt of fabric stated that it's a cotton but it also has a sheen to it. And it is slippery which is making it a challenge to sew. And it frays like nobody's business so I'm quite doubtful of that cotton listing on the label. It wrinkles like cotton and handles the cotton setting on my iron. I still have my doubts.  

I did pre-shrink the fabric and it did shrink significantly in the width. I didn't re-measure the length because after ironing I had enough and just wanted to get it back onto a bolt.   

The Stats:

I'll post stats when I finish all four costumes. So, is anyone else working on Christmas sewing projects?  

Happy Sewing!  

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