Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Creative World lost a Great Talent

Have you ever heard of Koos Van Den Akker? If you're a fan of Vogue patterns you're likely familiar with the name. If you are not familiar with the name for sure you are familiar with his work.  


Koos Van Den Akker, a Dutch fashion designer who was based out of New York City, is the designer name behind the Cosby sweater. Remember those multi-coloured and textured sweaters that became popular in the 1990s?  


Sadly, Koos Van Den Akker, a great talent and creative artist passed away today. He was the brilliant designer whose career started at Christian Dior and whose designs were carried by Vogue patterns for the home sewist.

My pattern collection consists of just a few examples of his work (even though I admire many more of his designs) carried by Vogue patterns. It is a sad day for the creative world that lost a great talent.  

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  1. I was not aware of his death! Sorry to learn this.


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