Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bound buttonholes

There is a sense of fear that has stopped me dead-in-my-tracks when it comes to tackling bound buttonholes.  There, I said it.  

I've been procrastinating on my spring coat project, vintage Vogue 1521, all because it calls for bound buttonholes.  Yeah, I know it sounds silly in the age of the internet and with all the resources out there. But it is true.  

I've been reading a lot hoping that I will find some courage along the way.  Claire Shaefer's revised and updated Couture Sewing Techniques goes into some detail on how to do both the patch and strip methods.  

Tasia St. Germaine's The Sewtionary An A to Z Guide to 101 Sewing Techniques and Definitions uses the strip method. The best part is the amount of detail and photographs that guide you through each step.  

I guess I needed the visual hand-holding that I found in Tasia's directions. Her instructions are spread out over six pages and include a total of twenty photographs along the way. And it one of the things that I love this about her book. 

My first bound buttonholes! They are not perfect but they are something that I can live with, despite the puckering that happened in some corners. I though I was being careful. I'm willing to try them out on future garment. Practice makes perfect, one can only hope.

I read that Karen Ball's ebook (Karen from Did You Make That fame) contains forty photographs and is highlighted with rave reviews. But I think next time I'm going to give Rhonda Buss' bound buttonhole method a try. Has anyone used any of these resources? Or do you have a different technique that you favour?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I use the same method as that Rhonda Buss method and they always turn out really well. I know I made a bunch of practice buttonholes the first time I made them on scraps of the leftover jacket fabric.

  2. I hear that a lot. So many resources out there. But I don't always find them helpful for a number of reasons. I need lots of visuals.

  3. I think Rhonda's method is a good one. I was originally taught the patch method, which can be quicker, but I don't think it lays as flat as Rhonda's. Threads also has some good pictures, and different methods.

  4. I've used Tasia's method and found it really easier than the way shown in my readers digest sewing book. I must have a look at Rhonda's instructions.

  5. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!


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