Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Hemline Index

It has been said that you can tell the state of the economy by judging hemline lengths. Back in 1926, economist George Taylor made an observation that the stock market's future could be predicted by the way women dress--or more specifically by the length of their hemlines.

So what does this say about the economy?

I'm working on McCall's 7028 which has that trendy hemline. Now, if a shorter hemline signals that woman are willing to take risks and spending which is good for the economy and longer hemlines are a negative sign for economy, what does this dress say with its higher front and longer back hemline?  

The front of the dress is six inches higher than the back of the dress. I'm not loving' it. And the pattern envelope photo doesn't illustrate this hemline. I wish it did, otherwise I would have adjusted the shape of the hemline.  

Even the line drawings on the back of the envelope give a hint to the trendy hemline on the dress but lacks at illustrating the longer length on the back.  

I'm trying to fix the hemline but it's proving to be as tough as fixing the economy. I think I might need something radical.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I am so over the uneven hem. I would love this dress with an even hem. Yup, midi skirt is popular!

  2. I love this ... It says "ELEGANT" :)


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