Saturday, 21 December 2013

Year in Review: 2013 Disappointing Makes (My Bottom Three Picks)

I was so excited to make a peplum top that I did not sew a muslin. Instead I sewed a ill-fitting top.
The darts were oddly placed and too high up. I was disappointed that I used a sateen fabric that
I really liked for something that did not turn out. Lesson:  stop being in a rush and make a muslin!

These were my second attempt at making knickers and no I wasn't aiming for granny panties.
Lesson: Take the time to read reviews before cutting and sewing. 

This garment fell into the 2013 disappointed list because I was in a rush and didn't sew the
pockets.  I was making this jacket as part of a Pattern Review contest and just wanted to get
it done.  Big mistake because I really do miss the pockets.  It has also been sitting in the
mending/fix pile for several months because I'm trying to remove the piling on this double
knit.  Lessons: The only person I should be trying to impress is the person who will wear it
and when it comes to picking out fabrics sometimes you have to trust your instincts about the
rayon content.     

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  1. Good lessons you shared! I don't do muslins but do pattern pin fitting and that is step not too miss also.


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