Thursday, 5 December 2013

In Sewing News Today...

Have a table load of stars to finish sewing.


Instead, I drove Mama R to a hair appointment, scored a hair cut for myself while waiting, came home and passed out.

Yup, I felt this tired. {Source}
Sometimes you just have to recharge your battery despite how much sewing is on your table.

I'm feeling panicked that they must be finished in a week. Not lovin' this feeling.

It did motivate me to serge the edges of two more stars and then I gave up since I tend to make mistakes when I'm tired.

Still feeling panicked about getting them done. And I need to wear my ski pants tomorrow that has been in my mending pile to be shortened. I don't like to do mending and alterations.

It has not been a productive sewing day. Unless you count...

Over at Butterick where I was able to score kAtheRine Tilton's latest pattern which is on sale right now.

Gawd, I love happy endings.  


  1. I see what you mean, and agree with every word you said :) I hate sewing when "I have to", it's supposed to be pleasant! :)
    Mary @

    1. I will admit that I don't like the time crunch that goes with "have-to" projects especially when I'm not feeling up to sewing. But it is rewarding in the end when I get to hear how excited the kids are about the play and costumes. Too cute beyond words.


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