Monday, 9 September 2013

Hello Mojo!

I love autumn, it is my favourite time of the year. There is just something about it that gets my creative juices going. Maybe it is the autumn colours, the crispness in the air? I'm just happy that it is here. It wasn't so a couple of days ago.

Friday it was HOT, seriously
(by wimpy prairie gal standards) and I did not like it one bit. The temperature hit 32 degrees celcius (90 degrees fahrenheit) and I know there are people that live in those kind of temperatures year long but I don't know how they do it. I melted when I had recess duty in the afternoon and I overheated a few hours later while in the garden trying to rescue items from the predicted severe thunderstorm and hail that never came. And then I dealt with a throbbing headache and nausea well into the night and next morning.

Let's just say that I didn't get any work done on Burda 7136 this weekend.  

I'm so glad that the cooler weather is here (this week at least), hopefully to stay. I promise I won't complain when it is minus thirty-two! But I will get back to the unfinished blouse that has been sitting on the cutting table.

With the cooler crisp weather my sewing mojo is back. Once I'm home from work, it is straight to the sewing room. I can hardly wait.

Happy Sewing!    

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