Saturday, 25 May 2013

In Sewing News Today...

Burda 7304 is still on my sewing table.  Oh my, has this project been eating up much of my free time this week and I still feel that I am no way near done.

Never have I put sew much time or expense into the inside of a garment. I believe now that they call bound seams a couture finish because of this expense of time and money. It is worth every minute and cent spent.

I promise to write a blog post about bound seams soon.

Right now I'm taking a break from another challenge. The sleeves are providing a bit of a mental challenge. I'm taking this step slowly and carefully. I've read on the internet that I'm in good company and Burda provide a response to this plead of help.

In other sewing news, I've been binge pattern buying lately. Vogue patterns had a sale and I'm weak. For many of these I think I can share some of the blame on some other sewists for encouraging me to buy.

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness made this men's shirt. I think it looks fabulous and thought that it would be a great shirt for my nephew. My nephew would like a long sleeve version despite the fact that the last men's long sleeve shirt I made ended up being a short sleeve shirt. Oh the blind faith! His favourite colour is green and the only green fabric that I have in my stash is a light weight green linen that I was saving for a Marcy Tilton dress, Vogue 8876. But it really would be great with Vogue 8889 instead.

I can blame my purchase of Marcy Tilton's shingle dress pattern on Shams over at Communing with Fabric for this fabulous version. I do like that this is a multi-sized pattern that have sizes 14 to 22 in one envelope. I think I might be able to fit my hips into this size range.

Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place was my enabler when she made a sailor's dress. Do I need a sailor's dress? No. For goodness sakes I live in the prairies. But I do love the look of that collar. I finally broke down and picked up Vogue 1171 to go with some blue sateen stretch that has been sitting in my stash for some time.

The other patterns I've run out of others to blame. ;) I'm going to have to buck up and take responsibility for these myself. Vogue 8710 made it into my pattern stash because I would like a tee-shirt that does not cling to my mid-section.  And Vogue 1357 was just plain and simple an impulse purchase. It happens some times.

That's all in sewing news today...

Happy Sewing!

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